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LED Panel - Big

LED Panel - Big

In the past, contractors and designers found limited choices when they needed to light large spaces from overhead. The go-to for many was fluorescent fixtures with multiple tubes. Anyone who’s lived or worked beneath these beasts knows their drawbacks. The fixtures are big and bulky, the covers are almost impossible to remove without breaking them, and they’re just plain ugly. Besides the poor aesthetics, they also hiss, buzz and pop and flicker when you stich them on. The battens burn out too often and the tubes aren’t inexpensive anymore either. Fortunately, Trade Lighting has the ideal solution: LED light panels. They offer sleek design and innovative features. They’re lightweight and simple to install, and their ultra slim design offers good heat dissipation too. One of the greatest advantages of LED panel lights is their ability to deliver bright, uniform light. You’ll need fewer fixtures to light a room and they blend into the room’s design, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. You can install them as backlighting in walls or as overheads. They’re so attractive they’re suitable for residential applications and many of the smaller units come with glass bezels. When you need bright light for an office, board room, lobby, kitchen or bathroom, LED panels provide an affordable solution. They’re shock and temperature resistant, so they’re suitable for offices in a warehouse or factory where noise and temperature fluctuations are a concern. Some units have an IP67 rating for wet, dusty areas too. Trade Lighting offers a variety of sizes of LED light panels from small round or square units to large 72W rectangular or square 30W high efficiency units for broad coverage. Some units offer as many as 50,000 average hours of use, which makes them an extremely wise choice, particularly in areas difficult to access for installation and maintenance. You can choose warm or cool white LED panel lights, depending on whether you want bright, clean light or a softer glow. We invite you to sign up for a free trade account with us to take advantage of exclusive benefits. We carry huge stocks in our UK distribution centre and offer 24/7 online ordering. You’ll receive discounts of up to 50% off our standard web prices and access to specialist trade advice. We also provide unparalleled customer service and next day free delivery on orders over £50. We’re family-owned, UK-based, and approachable. If you’re interested in any of our LED panels, please contact us. We’ll gladly answer your questions.

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